A Koolickle is a dill pickle that has been cured for a week in Kool Aid – really.  This creative combination comes from the Mississippi Delta which koolickles are sold at small community stores for a dollar.

Along side pickled okra, pickled watermelon rind and pickled peaches – koolickles are commonly made in large mayonnaise containers.   You drain the brine from a jar of pickles into a bowl, add a package or two of unsweetened Kool Aid powder and white sugar and mix it all together.  Then put the whole concoction into the mayonnaise container (without the mayonnaise).  Soaking pickles whole creates a corona of color around the circumference of the pickle.  Slicing pickles lengthwise before curing allows Kool Aid to permeate the interior of the pickle with a bring jewel tone. Devotees recommend leaving pickles in their Kool Aid bath for a least a week.

The Mississippi based convenience store chain Double Quick sells them as “Pickoolas”.  Another version is sold under the name “SnoCo Pickles,” (made with snow cone syrup rather than Kool Aid).