GINGER’S JAM POSTING 13: Seven-Color Tea

A very special recipe from the northeast Bangladeshi region of Sylhet by Romesh Ram Gour.  He discovered if he poured teas made using different spices, tea leaves, and milk one on top of one another, the varying densities created distinct layers.  The resulting seven-color tea, or satta rong cha in Bengali, quickly became a hit.  […]


Cowboy Caviar is a simple dish with an interesting history. You know, I’m sure, that black-eyed peas are served throughout the Southern United States on New Year’s Day. Some, in a curious mix of tradition and superstition, believe that consumption of black-eyed peas on that day will bring luck and prosperity in the coming year. […]


Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell, the Father of American Neurology, pioneered a popular rest cure used for treating injuries of the nervous system that was practiced for decades. White, upper class, educated women were prescribed the cure for “nervous women who are thin and lack blood.”  His practice was to order a long, milky, much needed […]


A Koolickle is a dill pickle that has been cured for a week in Kool Aid – really.  This creative combination comes from the Mississippi Delta which koolickles are sold at small community stores for a dollar. Along side pickled okra, pickled watermelon rind and pickled peaches – koolickles are commonly made in large mayonnaise […]